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Master Your Mind
Here's what the
Master Your Mind 7-Week Mentorship 
& Certification Program Looks Like: 

Alongside the powerful 7-Week live coaching, the MYM Mentorship program will give you lifetime access to a powerful, step-by-step, hands-on online program that will allow you to implement all the learnings straight away. These trainings have been recorded by experts from the I Am Creator team and GILD Coaching.

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Week One: Create Awareness & Control
The Secrets of Your Manifesting Mindset Foundation

This isn't like any other program you've seen.

Most people only teach part of mind mastery, leaving you helpless and wondering if you're broken and it just won't work for you, or if you have done something wrong. 

Not MYM. 

We're giving you everything you need.

You'll transform your mind throughout these 9 weeks, setting yourself up for sustainable growth, freedom & powerful impact so you can manifest and command the life of your dreams.

Our first module sets you up for that success - revealing the secrets of your mindset foundation  and what it will truly take to create success in all areas of your life. 

This psychologically-based methodology and teaching is a success formula that is responsible for thousands of people around the world breaking free from paradigms, subconscious programming, and unhealthy patterns that do not serve them. 

This week allows you to finally take charge of your life by starting at the most important place: inside yourself.

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Week Two: Self-Regulation & Protection
The Power to Overcome Outside Influences

This is one of the most important classes in this program.

In this class, you'll learn how our elite students and mentees hold it all together even when times are extremely challenging. 

You'll find how some people seem to be able to manifest miracles in the middle of a crisis and when things are normal. 

Imagine: Being the person who is completely in control, at peace, and flowing in abundance while the world around them is in chaos... having everyone who knows you wonder "what is it" that you're doing... what's your secret?

If you're serious about creating a solid mindset poised for constant manifestation and having a huge impact in the world, this you have to master this lesson and implement your learnings consistently in your life.

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Week Three: Mastering Influence
Taking Your Mastery into to World

One of the biggest problems people face when working to make tweaks, changes, or corrections to their lives is not understanding how to take what they are learning and put it to use in the world.

If you're caught up in everything that is happening around you instead of being part of the creation process... you'll fall off track.

There's a lot of wanting certain things to happen but never seeing the results. 

That will be no more...

This pivotal lesson guides you through the deep skills involved in mastering your influence over the world around you. 

There will be no more excuses or blind spots that hold you back - only action and results.

This module has infinite value when the strategies are implemented because it puts control of everything around you within your grasp.

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Week Four: Become Unstoppable
Unending Motivation & Inspiration For the Long Term

Have you ever struggled to stick with something that you have started?

You wanted to do something so badly, yet at some point you reach difficulty and then, even if you don't want to, you find yourself giving up?

Most people will shrug their shoulders and say "well, that didn't work."

They're wrong... the thing they wanted does work - but they were missing something.

The psychological formula for motivation is extremely precise - and you're going to understand it with a deep level of knowledge. 

Tapping into your unique motivation sources is necessary in order to achieve your dreams and maintain a healthy, stable, and unstoppable manifestation mindset - this lesson delivers all you need to know.

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Week Five: Expanding Your Energy
Understanding Your Basic Building Block

Most people are stuck in their own cycles of habits that are draining their energy, not building it up.

This lesson will shift the paradigm for you - we'll take the things that are draining you including your own habits, and we'll turn them on their side to create steps to bolster you up.

We'll also explore deeper meanings of what energy is. 

It's more than having the vitality and fire inside you to do something... or being exhausted - energy has many levels and elements. 

Without this full understanding of what can keep us going, burnout happens. 

Want to avoid burnout - permanently?

Lesson 5 will keep you running 24/7 without burning out.

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Week Six: Developing Resiliance
How The Ninjas Work 

Have you ever wondered how the super-successful people in this world got to where they are?

It's not luck or who they started out working with...

It's their resilience. 

Looking at wealthy, prosperous, and affluent people from the outside - it may seems as though they have a secret you do not know. 

The truth: They do

That is, until you attend lesson 6 - because we're spelling it all out for you here & showing you how to implement everything in a practical way. 

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Week Seven: Your Inner Power
Discover How To Access Your Higher Intelligence

High-Level mindset growth is only necessary when you tap into your higher intelligence.

We'll round out your mentorship and certification with the knowledge of how to tap deep inside in order to skyrocket your success in the outside world. 

Want a sense of peace even in the middle of a storm? 

Desire a higher view of the world that helps set you apart? 

We'll end with a bang... the big bang for your mindset... you'll expand beyond what you've thought was possible.

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YES! I want to join NOW!
How Your Life
Will Be Transformed...

👉🏼Manifestation Mindset Skills You Can Turn To For Life: As long as you do what we're teaching in this program, you will have mastery over your mind, your energy, and your circumstances. That doesn't mean that we're going to say a few magic words and you'll automatically be transformed into a mental giant - there's some work for you to do... expect BIG results with your investment of time, attention, and energy.

👉🏼Powers of Persuasion & Communication: This journey takes you into a deep understanding of the human mind - yours, and the minds of others. This is a powerful transformation for most people who don't have years and years of psychological training and related advanced degrees. This will up-level your progress, success, and fulfillment in every area of life by boosting you into the realm of master communicators and influencers. You move, you speak... people notice and follow.

👉🏼Mentorship with Subconscious Reprogramming Expert Dr. Jane Mims:  Every week you're going to be learning from your accountability group leader, your MYM family members, and me, Dr. Jane Mims. You'll also have the full support of the I Am Creator and GILD Coaching families because of this unprecedented partnership. You'll have the support, advice and help every step of the way to be a certified Mind Master.

...and much, much more
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Here's the truth:

MILLIONS of people are working on "mastering their mind" and are failing. 


Because in order to achieve greatness, we have to surround ourselves with the most successful mentors and teachers. 

Going it alone will not get you there. 

When I was ready to go to the next level, I found someone who was already there and did everything I needed to do to make sure I secured him as my mentor. 

Now, he's not only my mentor, but my partner in presenting this to you. 

If you're really ready to do what is needed to improve your life, you'll take the same steps I did and secure that mentorship - because it's the one investment you'll know is the sure-thing. 

What some people have to say about MYM & working with
Dr. Jane:
Space is Limited • CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW!

Master Your Mind 7-Week Mentorship & Certification Program  by I AM CREATOR and GILD Coaching


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